Obsidian Stone – Fells the Intangible and Achieves the Possible


In the ancient times, gemstones were only for the rich and served as status symbols. These gemstone were also worn as amulets and talismans, it provides protection against bad spirits and preserving health. Now in the modern era, these stones can be admired in museums, and are even bought for jewelry.

Gemstone – Healing Procedure

It  is a piece of mineral which is crystallized and is used to make different types of adornments and jewelry. Therefore, gemstones are a lengthy collection of healing and magical powers which are used to thwart negative vibes. They are very expensive and these can be worn according to your birth date. It is believed that every individual born has a particular outline and already enlisted for his/her life. He will end up according to the agenda. This agenda is to be believed to have affected by day, time, and date of birth. Besides, gemstones are thought to be beautiful, rare and long-lasting. When you will go market to buy gemstones, you will be amazed to see various gemstones like Obsidian stone, this stone is for those who suffer from low sense of worth and need a heightened confidence. Many more stones you will see such as Jade, Jasper, Amber, Amethyst, ruby etc.

Selenite  – Entrance of Positive Vibes

The name  Selenite comes from Greek word for moon. Therefore, Selenite Wand is used to promoting peace, inner calm, spirituality, tranquility, to help with meditation. In addition to this, Selenite crystals are believed to have healing properties and creating a calm and peaceful energy. Furthermore,  Before buying crystal must check everything ,if in case you see any crack on it, you can go for a crystal repair.


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